Visit by the Chilean Ambassador

Today, I am glad to welcome the host for the visit, Senior Vice President for North and South America, Tore Bäckström as guest in the blog.



The guests Consul of Chile Juan C. Salazar-Alvarez, Ambassador of Chile, José Miguel Cruz together with the host Senior Vice President Business Region North and South America, Tore Bäckström

Friday the 28th of June Volvo was visited by the Ambassador of Chile. Some years ago Volvo supplied one of the largest bus orders ever to Santiago de Chile and it was really quite a task to have more than 1000 buses delivered in 9 months and transported over the Andees.

At the point we were immensely proud to become a part of the rapid development of Chile. Chile is an extraordinary example with more than 15 years of continuous growth. Now a few years later we can note that the infrastructure investments and changes are starting to happen , somewhat late but certainly helping the functionality of the system. Still seems to be issues on the telematics side and with prepaid tickets missing, that would give a further significant improvement to the functionality.
Because of our involvement in Santiago, we were particularly honoured to be given the opportunity to host the Ambassador José Miguel Cruz and the Consul of Chile Juan C. Salazar-Alvarez. Naturally, we came to discuss the global development and the rising concern about environmental matters.
As Edwards presentation was centred about transport efficiency and carbon footprint, comparison was made to different alternatives. While public transport, in the awareness of the general public, is considered environmentally friendly, buses in general are considered the black sheep of public transports. In reality however the truth is the opposite, buses give most environmental benefit for the money.
The bus system of Santiago that combines Bus Rapid Transit with feeder lines is probably the most optimal public transport you can build. The combination of infrastructure support by dedicated lanes, ( not really separate platforms ) , electronic passenger information and traffic control systems and bus stations that promote rapid shift from one bus line to the other are all instrumental for the success of the system. And, most importantly efficient transport of persons is profitable for society and economical growth. Society saves money mainly by shortening transport times and decreasing use of energy.

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