Launching the green baby

This time everything was different. With the coach of the year 2008 nomination and record sales in Germany behind us and the hybrid launch in front of us, the Volvo team arrived full of confidence.

Last IAA, a lot of our energy was absorbed by meeting false arguments by some competitors concerning the technology choice for Euro IV and Euro V. During the passed two years Volvo and others, that have chosen the SCR technology, have been given right on one point after the other. This was not least confirmed by that even the most EGR oriented bus manufacturers now shift to SCR, quietly, engine by engine.

Håkan Karlsson, the President of Volvo Bus Corporation, Maurice Brown, our city bus product manager and Stefan Nordström, Senior Vice President for our European Business, contributed to the launch. They were also the once naming it the “green baby”. The press conference was crowned by the launch of the hybrid. We claim that the new Volvo 7700 Hybrid is the first commercially viable hybrid:

Read more about the new hybrid bus here

We had more visits than ever: customers, journalist, suppliers and competitors competed in crowding the baby.

Journalists wanted to know why the Volvo hybrid was more commercially viable than others: Because of the very high fuel savings combined with competitive cost.

Customers wanted know how much fuel consumption they could save in their specific cycles: It can be estimated for any cycle where we know the change of speed end height.

Competitors wished us good luck and crawled around the bus to register all data details.

Suppliers wanted to know if they could buy the Volvo in-house key components to fit with their products.

 The interior of the green baby is here displayed by Mr. Bath for honoured guests from SBS Singapore, Mr. Poh and Mr. Pang.

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Adjunct Professor of Catalysis at Chalmers University of Technology. Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, with my wife and three daughters born in 1991, 1994 and 1997. Is a passionate runner.
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