Volvo Ocean Race Alicante

It’s sailing season again!

Seeing the crews taking good bye of their families is truly heart breaking. Today the Volvo Ocean Race started in Alicante. The six teams first made some laps along the coastline and then took off for Cape Town.

Yesterday, we showed our new product line and had some information activities with invitees. I presented the environmental features of the new product line. I’m really proud of our progress and no doubt Volvo Bus Corporation has done a fair deal of efforts to become the leader in environmental performance.

Today, I got the opportunity to join one of spectator-boats to see the start of the Volvo ocean race. We were very fortunate to have Roger Nilsson, the legend, as our guide.  Roger Nilsson has himself taken part in seven Whitbread/Volvo round the world races.  In addition he was also navigator when Orange II took the “round the world record” when making the roundabout in 50 days.


Roger Nilsson, legendary ocean race skipper

Roger Nilsson, legendary skipper for the first time he is not participating

The start was thrilling, Groupama took a 720⁰ penalty already the first lap. Team New Zealand with Camper had their show-off and is clearly a tight team. Their teamwork paid off on the short track of the start where the timing in the manoeuvers are important. Then Team Sanya got into technical problems and had to pass the leeward mark before turning. Puma was hot already before the start and went through a series of sails and simulated the start a couple of times. Telefonica were in their home waters and allowed themselves to keep some distance in order not to hazard their equipment. Team Abu Dhabi with Ian Walker as skipper won the in-port race last Saturday. And now the race is on, it will be most interesting to follow the race on the home page.

Alicante, Camper rounding up as first after the first lap

The rules have been modified a bit and the crews are not allowed to have as many sails on board as before. This was clearly seen already at the start where some had to choose a too big and others a too small sail for the first straight. This clearly brings a new dimension into the race.



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Adjunct Professor of Catalysis at Chalmers University of Technology. Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, with my wife and three daughters born in 1991, 1994 and 1997. Is a passionate runner.
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