New Volvo Buses in India

Volvo Bus India has become the jewel in the Volvo Bus crown. When I last visited India, our factory in Bangalore showed first class performance in all aspects. From my viewpoint of course the environmental performance was of certain interest.

The energy use per complete bus, during manufacturing, is the lowest benchmark measured ever within Volvo Buses. With one MWh per bus the Hosakote in Bangalore factory sets a clear bench mark for the rest of our production facilities. Also the amount of scrapping (including transportation materials) and waste water amounts are of leading standards among our complete bus factories.

Our product development department in India increases gradually. As a global company, the Bangalore subsidy of the product development is involved in the global bus development. The experts in India contribute to the development on several markets, just as the engineers in Sweden, Poland, Brazil, Mexico and Canada may contribute to the development of the buses built in Bangalore.

The new technology development of Volvo Buses for India has now led to a full new product range:
1. Volvo 9400PX Multi-axle at 14.5m, PX platform & 11-litre engine
2. Volvo 9400XL Multi-axle at 13.7m with 9 litre engine
3. Volvo 9400 with 9-litre configuration
4. Volvo 9400 with 7 litre configuration
5. Volvo 9100
6. Volvo 7400XL City Bus
7. Volvo 7400 City Bus
8. Volvo 7400 CNG City Bus
9. Volvo 7400 Semi-Low Floor City Bus
10. Volvo 8400 Commuter City Bus

Launch of the new bus models 9100, 9400 and 7400 in India on Dec 29th, 2011. In the foreground Håkan Karlsson, Executive Vice President Business Areas (former President Volvo Bus Corporation) and Akash Passey, Managing Director and CEO, Volvo Buses in South Asia.

As in most densely populated cities of the world, the traffic conditions in India cause accidents including buses and other vehicles. Next to the environment I pay a lot of attention to the safety aspects. I am therefore particularly glad to see that the effects of collisions with cars and three wheelers have been brought down even further with the introduction of the new front under run protection (FUP).

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Adjunct Professor of Catalysis at Chalmers University of Technology. Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, with my wife and three daughters born in 1991, 1994 and 1997. Is a passionate runner.
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