UITP Milan 2015

This year’s UITP congress was hosted by the agent and wonderful city of Milan. Milan has 7.5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area and thus a multitude of public transport challenges. The requirements for preserving an antique city center in combination with the demand for swift public transport services poses many challenges.

The new generation of buses certainly made an impact. Sustainability is high on the agenda. Being clean is not enough anymore. Strong performance in energy efficiency, noise and CO2 footprint becomes important requirements for cities that build sustainability for the future.


Volvo presented for the first time in public the electric bus concept now running in the ElectriCity route in Gothenburg. The bus use opportunity charging facilitated by the rapid charging station. The concept enables virtually unlimited range and solution to challenging routes and is compatible with Electgric Hybrid buses and plug-in buses. The charging standard is open for any stake holder to use.


Volvo CEO Håkan Agnevall was busy hosting the crowded Volvo Bus stand

In front of the electric bus a new back-lit Volvo brand iron mark finds it place

In front of the electric bus a new back-lit Volvo brand iron mark finds it place

We are convinced that the new bus systems that Volvo has developed will meet the demands of cities that today struggle to balance a number of ostensibly contradictory requirements.

We welcome the electric bus to the Volvo family of Hybrid and Electric Hybrid buses.

About volvobuses

Adjunct Professor of Catalysis at Chalmers University of Technology. Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, with my wife and three daughters born in 1991, 1994 and 1997. Is a passionate runner.
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3 Responses to UITP Milan 2015

  1. To achieve Sustainable solutions we have to understand that these solutions belongs to the category of problems called WICKED problems and on top of that they are evolutionary meaning there are no final solutions, just temporary solutions. These temporary solutions are the start of a never ending chain of iterations.

    • volvobuses says:

      There are no strictly sustianable solutions from a strict scientific standpoint.
      What we need to do is to minimize the environmental load.
      We need to act in the spirit of: “Renewable is not sufficient.”
      This is one of the reasons for why energy efficiency is more important than the temporary choice of energy source.
      (Not meaning that fosil fuels are excused in any way.)
      Point is that independetly of choice we need to make maximum use of the scarse resources.

      • I concur. What I tried to express is; working with unsustainability is an evolutionary process with no “final” solution! To utilise Mother Earth’s limited unrenewable resources in a clever way are the most important goal together with limiting pollution to a minimum (Circular Economy are a first step in this process). Thermodynamically we are not a closed system and rely on energy from the sun to drive our processes and conceptually this is not sustainable since the sun will gradually “give away” less and less energy…..
        / Bengt

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